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Patient Testimonials:



Dr. Farhi has been a true blessing in my life.  I had always considered myself very healthy until coming down with a very strange inflammatory arthritis (at age 45), and was misdiagnosed by a rheumatologist as having rheumatoid arthritis.  After spending a full hour getting a thorough history on me Dr. Farhi informed me that most likely my symptoms stemmed from my 'gutt'.  She put me on supplements and asked me to change my eating habits.  Long story short, my symptoms ceased in THREE DAYS and I have felt great for the last 5 months.  She also gave me the option of a natural hormone replacement therapy for menopause symptoms.  Dr. Farhi takes the time to get to the root of the problem instead of throwing pills at you that often times do more harm than good.

    -Lisa M     5/9/14




Dr. Farhi is a wonderful doctor!  If you are in need of an OB/GYN I highly recommend her and the clinic she is a part of - The Midwest Center for Women's Health Care (they have a few different locations).  She has an excellent "bedside manner", takes her time with each of her patients & truly cares about them.  I've been going to her for many years for both regular checkups and routine procedures and have been extremely pleased with the level of care she provides.

She & other members of the clinic give free talks on a variety of subjects important to women's health as well - such as nutrition, diet & exercise, menopause & baby stuff (sorry, I don't have kids, LOL).

    -Rose D.     5/29/13




I went to see Dr. Farhi because I was supremely depressed and experiencing extreme menopausal symptoms.  Dr. Farhi prescribed hormones which I was reluctant to take, but she monitored me closely and on my second visit she asked if I was feeling better.  I told her that the hot flashes and night sweats had gone away but that I still was not feeling any increase in libido.  Then she started talking about how my diet could be affecting me and that I should read Dr. Hyman's book, The Blood Sugar Solution; which I did.  

The bottom line:  I learned to eliminate processed foods and sugar from my eating habits and made raw vegetables and salads my primary food source.  Since January of 2013, following Dr. Farhi's and Dr. Hyman's advice I've lost 37 lbs and I feel wonderful (from a size 16 to a 12.  Actually, I started out eating Paleo (meat and vegetables) and now am following a primarily vegetarian diet and enjoying many raw vegetable meals and natural home made desserts.

Dr. Farhi holds education food seminars at no charge to her clients which I think is amazing that she's talking about how FOOD can affect your health as opposed to prescribing more medicine .  I think she is an excellent, caring doctor.   I even started a Facebook page touting the benefits of this way of eating,….  So I'm helping others get healthy and feel better; which I would never have thought in a million years.

P.S. I'd stopped seeing her (because she was out of my healthcare network and I had to pay extra), but I'm going back because its simply rare to find a doctor like her, she's worth the extra $

     -Cheryl V.     10/4/13

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