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•Gynecologic Services

•Integrative and Functional Medicine Consultations

•Traditional and Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

•Hormonal Balance

•Stress Reduction Programs

•Mighty Body Band® Workshops 

•Yoga Therapist

•Public Speaking and Education



We all carry stories from our past..."I don't eat vegetables", "I have high cholesterol, it runs in my family", "My sugar is a little high, both my parents were diabetic", "I can't do yoga, I'm not flexible", "My sex drive is must be my hormones".

Are you ready to close the book on these old stories and begin to write a new book?  Are you ready for a new journey?  A path of health and wellness, of vitality and balance. Come join me on this amazing journey and path to wellness!


Your advocate for health and wellness,

Dr. Mary Farhi, MD




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